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Engineering and Supply for Industrial Projects

Perantech GmbH is a company that aims to be a global supplier and service provider company based on our excellent knowhow and skilled sub-suppliers accumulated from our experience in different business areas.


In Industrial business, having offered total project services ranging from project planning to design, construction and commissioning, we have earned trust from our customers in a variety of areas from steel manufacturing to environmental, mining and energy plants.


We constantly seek to penetrate new international markets to secure reliable future income sources. We will continue to evolve into a global total solution provider leading the 21st century by wisely coping with rapidly changing business environments based on our corporate culture putting people and technology first and realizing excellence in our technology competitiveness.


Sinter Plant

Sinter Plant and Sinter Machines are one of the Perantech's competence in Iron Making. Perantech are doing process design and supply of the equipment for Ignition Furnace, Sinter Machine Facilities, Pallets, Mixing Drums, Crusher, Exhaust Fans, ESPs, Charging Equipment and Sinter Cooler Systems.




Blast Furnace

For Blast Furnace, Perantech are providing design and supply for Slag Granulation Systems, Tueyer Nozzles, Tueyer Coolings, Furnace Cooling System, Furnace Top Equipment, Snort Valves, Hot Stoves, Stock House Equpments, Electro Stratic Preseparators etc.

CCM and Rolling Mill

For CCM and Rolling Mills, Perantech provides engineering and procurement of facilities for CCM, Rolling Furnaces, Rolling Furnace Refractories, Mechanical Components, Electrical and Instrumentations, Cutting Machines, NDT Facilities etc.

Refractory Processes

Perantech provides design and supply of Refractity materials which is used in different plants. Perantech is specialized in Refractory Bricks for BOF Convertor, nductive Furnace, Blast Furnace, Coke Making, Sinter Machine. Also shaped refractories used in Steel Making, catables, mortars, etc.

Mine Industry

Design and Supply of Mining equipment specially excavators, jig drillers, jumbo loaders, saftey equipments, chain belts conveyors.

BOF Convertor Steel Making

Steel Making Converotor, Perantech has long experince of process design, optimizations and supply of equipment.

Convetor and Gas Cleaning Plants, Utilizer Boilers, OG, Lance Nozzle etc.










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